Our Services

We do lots of stuff:

We offer these landscape design and garden design services:

  • One-Time Consultation
  • Garden Coaching and Mentoring
  • Bed & Border Creation
  • Designs, Installations
  • Tree Fruit Pruning
  • Garden Renovation
  • Organic Edible Garden Speaking and Education

One-Time Consultation

Do any of these comments sound like you?

“When we bought our house we inherited lovely shrubs, plants and flower beds. At first we were thrilled–then when Spring came I was overwhelmed and petrified. I had no idea what to do!!”

“I moved from Minnesota and I did what most new home owners do: I read a book and tried to figure out how to do this all on my own… well, after watching everything die, help!”

Garden Coaching and Mentoring

If you would like guidance periodically during the season, as a garden coach I can work with you as you undertake and shifting seasonal garden demands. I will offer plant and design suggestions that you may not have thought of yourself.

The cost for either of the above services is 45 dollars an hour with a two hour minimum.

Bed & Border Creation and Designs & Installations

I will work with you on siting a location for a new perennial border or bed, design the garden, and provide you with a complete plant list and maintenance to-do list and schedule. I can obtain plants and do entire installation, or teach you how to do it or act as a project manager on-site.  The cost is 35 dollars an hour, 30 an hour for each additional staff member.

Urban Chickens

Chickens rock!  You can have three in the city, they give you eggs, you don’t need a rooster and they eat your food waste!  The eggs are a gillion times better than those pale imitations from the store.  Are you thinking about adding a menagerie to your garden?  I can teach you and your neighbors how and design a home for your girls.

Vegetable Gardens

Calling all Locavores!  Growing your own is as local as you can get.  When do I lime?  What is lime?  What varieties grow here?  What and when is a Frost Date?  I wanna grow Okra… what should I do?  Organic, hybrid, gmo… HELP!

I’ll answer all these questions, and more.  We can work together or we can do it on our own for you or all in between.


We don’t:

  • Mow
  • Blow
  • & Go